Children in Indoor Playground

Fun For Kids!

Put away those electronic devices!!  We have wonderful activities and discoveries for kids of all ages here at the Clinton County Fair

Silkie Chicken.jpg

We're Expecting!
Come Watch Chicks Hatch!

4-H has 7 chicks expected to hatch between Thu, Jul 28th and Sat, Jul 30th! 

With 4 different color eggs; brown, green, blue, and white, what kind of chick will emerge? Play our match the egg to the chick picture game.

  • Listen for the chirping sounds while they are still in their shell

  • Watch for peeping when the baby chicks beaks are breaking through their egg

Come check it out - 4-H Barn.

Cute fuzzy little chicks arriving soon!


Improving Human Health One Bray At A Time

"This is gonna be fun! We can stay up late, swappin' manly stories, and in the mornin' I'm makin' waffles."

Well - okay - we don't have waffles, but we have donkeys that love hugs!

Thera-Pets is an animal assisted therapy program that uses Miniature Donkeys and other farm animals.

You Gotta Gotta  stop by and get some tenderness!  

Happy Kids Huddle

The Little Red Schoolhouse
Take a step back in time!

FREE Educational Demonstrations daily!

Tue, 26th      4 pm - 8 pm  Quilting

Wed, 27th 10 am - 8 pm  Wool Spinning

Thu, 28th   10 am - 8 pm  Soap Carving

Fri, 29th      10 am - 8 pm  Rope Making

Sat, 30th     12 pm - 3 pm  Quilting

Sun, 31st     10 am - 8 pm  Butter Making


PLUS - Daily

Shingle Making, Coloring Pages, and Storytime throughout the day, every day.  

Love for animals

Meet Jalapeno & Pepper and
Pet the Goats!

Sponsored by Palmer Vet Clinic

Stop by the family friendly goat barn to visit "Jalapeño" and "Popper" Mini -Nubian and Pygmy Goats.  Pet the goats, ask about feeding and how they trim hooves and basic care and husbandry of goats. 

Sharp Shinned Hawk

 Live Birds, Fish, BB Range and Name the Animal!

Stop by the Clinton County Federation of Fish & Games Bldg to learn about animals, habitat, and safety.

  • Name the Animal Contest!  Under 16 only, see how many animals you can name for a chance to win a $50 GC

  • Kids - test your skills at the indoor BB Range between 11 am - 6 pm (small fee)

  • See live Hawks & Birds with Wildlife Rehabilitator Donna Fletcher